our worship 


All Wanderers is like the grass-fed, organic, cage-free version of church.

Once every month, Church of All Wanderers offers an alternative “sabbath” - an opportunity to do church and spirituality differently. These monthly sabbath wanderings take place in beautiful locales around Los Angeles. They encourage an interaction with God in the world and in one another.

It's worship without walls - worship focused on what we do with and for one another.

Each month, wanderers receive a notification on the specific details of the wandering. The locations will change, however, each wandering centers around active engagement in nature, conversation, and breaking bread as a community.

All Wanderers seeks to welcome all people - spiritual seekers of all sorts. Regardless of who you are, who you love, your belief system (or lack thereof), we hope that you will feel welcomed, affirmed, embraced, and heard as you wander with us.

We recognize that the very nature of this model requires a level of ability that is not a reality for all. While our central offering is our monthly wanderings, Church of All Wanderers is committed to creating spiritual spaces for all who wander. We’re intent on building community that is open, affirming, and conscious. In addition to our wanderings, we orchestrate regular meetings and engagement activities that center around growth, challenge, and community.

We’re working hard to figure out what it means to be a spiritual seeker in the modern world. We hope you’ll join us as we do.