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Wandering #2 - Sturtevant Falls Trail

To take advantage of the wet weather, we’ll be hiking the Sturtevant Falls Trail for this month’s Wandering!

You can get all of the details on this beautiful hike at:

The trail is described as: “A leisurely hike through an enchanted portion of the San Gabriel Mountains leading to a fifty foot waterfall. The trail from Chantry Flats to Sturtevant Falls has been a popular hike for those wanting to escape the urban sprawl of Los Angeles since the early 1900's.

This is an easy hike and perfect for anyone new to hiking but be aware that the last 0.6 mile return to the parking lot is all uphill. You will need a USDF pass, you can get a day pass $5 at REI.”

As we did on our first wandering, we’ll meet at the trailhead, start with a short yoga session (no mats necessary), speak some words of intention for our hike, break bread and share wine at the waterfall, and have a period of spiritual discussion and reflection to close our time together.

Please let us know at if you’re available for a carpool or need a ride!

Can’t wait to wander with you all soon.