Sacred Volumes

Ever since God created the world, God’s everlasting power and deity—however invisible—have been there for the mind to see in the things God has made.
— Romans 1:20
Sacred writings are bound in two volumes—that of creation and that of Holy Scripture.
— Thomas Aquinas

Father Richard Rohr used these passages recently in a musing on the incarnation of God.


The noted Franciscan explained the verse from Romans, stating, “I think what Paul means here is that whatever we need to know about God can be found in nature. Nature itself is the primary Bible. The world is the locus of the sacred and provides all the metaphors that the soul needs for its growth.”

If that is true, if all the mysteries and secrets of God are accessible and available in nature, then why are we content to cloister ourselves away each sabbath behind brick and stained glass and coffee cup comfort? If we claim to desire to know God - if we insist that we are seeking to enrich our souls - why don’t we go where he can most readily be found: “The locus of the sacred”?

That’s the question that the Church of All Wanderers answers. Not with words but in action.

We believe in a Church that is experienced, that is lived, that is living, growing, and gushing forth like a rushing stream towards joy, peace, and justice.

Whoever you are and wherever you are in your journey of discovering the sacred, you’re welcome to wander with us.

Payton Hoegh

Payton Hoegh